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The Beasts of the Balkans site is full of close up photos of the Bulgarian animals and the Wildlife of Bulgaria

Pictures taken from deep in the south of Bulgaria

The Beasts of the Balkans is a site dedicated to the animals critters creatures of Bulgaria

We all welcome you to view the photos and hope you find it interesting.

WILDLIFE of Bulgaria close up photos Close up photos of the wildlife of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Spiders Ticks Black and Orange Centipedes

Shedded snake skin in Bulgaria of Bulgarian snakes
Shedded snake skin in Bulgaria

Grasshoppers, Frogs n Toads Snakes plus shedded snake skins of Bulgaria Bulgarian Dragonflys n Otters Bulgarian Spiders n Moths Yoda plus Bulgarian Woodpeckers Stingrays Woody Woodpecker! Bulgarian horses tame wild horses of Bulgaria! Bulgarian Birds Bulgarian Bugs Beetles n Creepy Crawlies! Bulgarian Cats performing for their dinner! Bulgarian Dogs and puppies Bulgarian Butterflies Golden Flies in Love ANTS! The latest Bulgarian Foal the Bulgarian Praying Mantis Lizards of Bulgaria Giant Snails of Bulgaria Beetles of Bulgaria Donkeys in Bulgaria Wasps plus other Bulgarian Creatures and Critters tame wild and dangerous!

This website dedicated to the creatures wild and natural wildlife of Bulgaria and the southern Balkans contains some graphic photos of: wildlife of Bulgaria, snakes of Bulgaria, photos of engorged dog ticks, tips for removing ticks from dogs Bulgarian wildlife Bulgarian insects snake in Bulgaria pics of creepy birds spider toad flying spiders sheep ticks on dogs Bulgarian spiders centipede dangerous to dogs remove ticks from dogs Bulgaria ants ticks heads in dogs blood on dog fur removing sheep ticks Bulgarian animals what happens when you remove the tick without the head little brown lizard pic white spots snakes in Bulgaria what happens when you don’t get the ticks head when removed how soon will a tick start sucking hexagonal wax cells Bulgarian giant snail green lizards images of spotted bullfrogs blood sucking insects on dogs removing animal ticks eating dog in Bulgaria close up pics of ticks Bulgarian reptiles tick in dog’s ear – photos of Bulgarian men and women Bulgarian dangerous animals removing ticks from sheep stray dogs pack pictures is a lizard warm or cold blooded how to remove ticks from dogs

What to do if the tick head still in body what do ticks look like that land on dogs tick dog buried bugs in dogs fur not fleas remove dog tick buried completely ticks make dog crazy what happens if a piece of the tick is still in the dog where do ticks live pictures of shepherd dogs Bulgaria removing tick heads if a dog tick is completely under the skin picture of engorged tick on cats how to remove ticks from animals what happens to ticks after full of blood animal/dog care/fleas and ticks dangerous centipede Bulgaria wildlife honey bee from Bulgaria removing dog tick photos of dog ticks in real close up grubs in dog’s ears bugs sucking onto my dog wild cats of Bulgaria and the awesome Bulgarian spiders

In this episode of the Beasts of the Balkans Animals in Bulgaria – the defence mechanism of :

We show you close up photos of sheep ticks on dogs giant wasps in Bulgaria Bulgarian spiders dog ticks images close up ticks on dogs pictures of wild animals the how to remove dog ticks safely removal of dog ticks a spider with yellow back white spots spiders with yellowback pics of green bugs and dogs, we visit off the beaten track ostrich farms in Bulgaria spotting some yellow backed spiders in the hot Bulgarian summer where women dont dress in black what happens if you don’t completely remove tick, i show you my Bulgarian shepherd dog who i have been busy removing dog ticks. This year the house is full of yellow black striped spiders and although the water snakes in Bulgaria have proven difficult to photo, there are other snake photos now on. I have found many insects that attach themself to dogs, but even the largest of spiders here is not really poisonous spiders in Bulgaria they can however give a nasty bite! The really crazy preying mantis pictures show close ups of the mad teeth of this superb creature! There are rather huge snails in Bulgaria some quite small striped spiders and some of the ticks we have removed from our mutts have proven to move around as if wild ticks not like the larger ticks which move slowly, these ticks are really fast! One Bulgarian guy watches as my numerous cats play the mouse hunter game throwing their catch up into the air.

But how do my dogs get ticks in the first place? What do the Bulgarian people think about where ticks come from? We have pictures of black spiders with yellow on its back and tell you if a praying mantis bites with a yellow back spider flipping mad at the camera! You may ask how remove huge ticks from dog but if the tick is that huge already, its been on your dog for quite some time damaging the animal as happened with my huge sheep dog, a Kangal originating from Turkey! I have tried numerous insect repellent for dogs but find Frontline still the strongest insect repellent.

I bring you pictures of Bulgarian people photos of what happens if a tick gets under my dog’s skin, photos of spider black and yellow golden egg on back should we kill wasp spiders, no we shouldnt kill any spiders they are your best house mate. I have two ginger siamese cats, well they arn’t really siamese cats, but their mother looked siamese!

You can see some wild red mushrooms and giant mushrooms, my siamese cross sphinx cats, some rather fluffy little puppies, a few Bulgaria horses, lots of photos of snakes in Bulgaria. These Bulgaria snakes are stoned to death or end up as road kill! Lots of lovely coloured lizards, bugs with wings, some green spotted frogs dangerous to dogs and cats as they emit their red warts at the oncoming animals as their defense mechanism.


Close up photos of Bulgarian Animals flying creatures praying mantis and camouflaged bugs of Bulgaria!

Spiders that hand upside down preying their pray, huge black beetles, some pretty wild donkeys, foals with their mothers and fathers, maggots like creatures, muts with wierd and strange fly ticks, fantastic Bulgarian storks, photos of beautiful butterflies, puppies that look like bears, close up photos of the strange wierd and beautiful creatures of the Balkans predators and prey

So far, I have captured photos of grasshoppers frogs n toads dragonflys n otters woodpeckers n birds bugs beetles n creepy crawlies cats butterflies n flies entire army’s of ants n horses with their foals I have not managed to capture pictures of the Bulgarian Snakes before it shedded its skin! grass snakes or water snakes. By the edge of one of the many running rivers of Bulgaria, we saw a water snake rush away from us and the loony dog jumping in the river, alas I was not fast enough! One day I will capture the photo of at least one snake! Our friends saw a Bulgarian Otter on the day we took the photo of the otter set in stone.
There are no lions in Bulgaria, but high up in the wooded forests, there are warnings ‘beware of the bear’, I dont think I will be quite so quick in capturing a photo of a bear! But then again, you never know! Watch this space!
We are going hunting this winter! Watch this space for photos from the Bulgarian Hunt for these critters!
Meet the Bulgarian People. Bulgarian men Bulgarian women and Bulgarian children all living in harmony with the nature that surrounds them in the Bulgarian villages.
Tick like creatures with wings attach themselves to the dogs of Bulgaria trying to catch one proves almost impossible, they are even more impossible to kill! These tick like creatures are extremely fast and seemingly indesctructable! Indestructable bugs in Bulgaria!
The Bulgarian Villagers with their long standing eco system in the natural nature of Bulgaria
The Bulgarian Praying Mantis close up photos of this wild alien as it stalks its prey
Dogs in Bulgaria the wild pack dogs male dogs fluffy puppys Doberman lookalike Bulgarian breed of dog cross Corgi Dachund type!
Pictures of a three legged mother and her pups one of the pups resembles a Bulgaria Bear! Does Bulgaria have Bears? Yes!
Even with Frontline insect repellent, the ticks still attaches to the dogs! Although with insect repellent the tick removed from this lucky mutt hadn’t yet engorged itself on the dogs blood! Fleas are of course in large numbers in Bulgaria so a good insect repellent is imperative! Keep those crawling insects fleas and ticks at bay they are rather nasty creatures.
Animal Photoshoot – it is my aim to get photoshoots of as many wierd and wonderful creatures on this site as I can!

Snakes a shedded snake skin, dog ticks plus ticks on dogs pictures ticks from sheep ticks on dogs and cats, a funnel web spider, ticks on dogs fur, the wild numerous snakes in Bulgaria. How to remove ticks safely from dogs. The Bulgarian wildlife with black bugs huge black bees with blue wings in photos of the animals in Bulgaria. New photos of the huge black bug. Bulgarian snakes are usually harmless, however keep the grass short around your home or these large snakes will be close by.
Bulgarian spiders come in many varieties, some spiders hang upside down, but there are spiders in Bulgaria that can, and do, bite you!
Some very large close up photos of ticks and ticks in the dogs fur. These ticks are usually left after the sheep have walked throo the land. The pictures of ticks that have been removed from the dog plus in the dogs fur too.
Beasts of the Balkans also has photos of the Bulgarian people of southern Bulgaria. These Bulgarian people treat the animals with great respect. The women usually keep chickens, cows, sheep and goats and the women milk the cows each day.
The Bulgarian women are especially frightened of snakes and usually kill them before the snake has the opportunity to bike one of their children.
There is a spider with a yellow stripe on its back and many large and small spiders. Removing the spiders from your home is not a good idea, these spiders catch the numerous flies and other bugs!
The sheep are not put throo sheep dips, so if they are close, your cat or dog will have many ticks in their fur and it is best to use a good tick repellent. The ticks usually fall off the birds flying overhead too.
The Beasts of the Balkans the dedicated Bulgaria wildlife website showing many engorged ticks on dogs and cats and how the tick looks when removing ticks from dogs
Bulgarian shepherd dog the Kangal, a huge shepherd dog. Close up photos of a small bug with wings sucking my dogs blood, these small bugs are very fast and noisy when they fly.
Is there any wildlife native only to Bulgaria, there are some giant creatures here, giant ants, giant black bees, giant snails and frogs in Bulgaria
Bulgaria also has many wild horses. These horses are free to roam around wherever the grass is greener. The horses of Bulgaria are adored in the UK. Bulgarian horses have a very calm temperament and the horses are not afraid of strangers.
I have a Kangal shepherd dog. The Kangal originates in Turkey and it is illegal to take the Kangal across the border from Turkey into Bulgaria. However, the Kangal I have was a third generation puppy, born in Bulgaria. The Kangal is a huge dog, my female Kangal has been neutered and the female Kangal breed is much smaller than the huge Kangal male.
The sheep grazing on your land can help keep the grass down, hence deterring the snakes, however they do leave ticks each visit for your cats and dogs!
Wildlife Bulgaria with photos of Ostrich, snakes, spiders, lizards, sheep, insects, bugs, bees, cats, dogs, ticks, toads, frogs, poisonous centipedes of orange and black, no mosquitoes as the flys usually eat them! Huge giant mushrooms, creepy crawlies, blue winged creatures insects and bugs, a dead fox, dragonflies, butterflies, toads with green warts, puppies, kittens, ostrich farm, many close up images of bugs, storks similar to a crane, birds, eagles, robin, ants colony, yellow spiders, yellow bugs, red centipede, green lizards, striped back creatures, Doberman pedigree muts, red and yellow mushrooms, many blood sucking creatures, ticks that grow a new body!

close up photos of the WILDLIFE INSECTS CRITTERS CREATURES and the NATURAL NATURE of BULGARIA pictures of the BEASTS of the BALKANS filling you with Balkanicity


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