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LUV the famous Bulgaria Lion

There are many myths surrounding the Lion of Bulgaria and many uses of the Lion seen around Bulgaria, however, there are many natural rock formations all around the hills of Bulgaria closely resembling the outline of a Lion

Lavat the Bulgarian Lion

Lavat the Bulgarian Lion

Lavat the Lion, purrrrhaps one of the most famous of Bulgarian lions, is slumbering in the deep south of Bulgaria

Purrrrhaps a lesser known Bulgarian Lion set in stone, is this one, on the outskirts of Kardzhali in the Rhodopes of southern Bulgaria.

This Lion can be clearly seen from the road, howevers the trees will soon cover it up again, concealing the Lion for good!

Bulgarian Lion Kardzhali Rhodopes southern Bulgaria

Bulgarian Lion of Kardzhali

Many of the myths surrounding the Bulgarian Lion claim to originate in Russia and Greece.

However, with the numerous natural rock formations to be seen as you travel around Bulgaria, I purrrsonally believe the myth of the Lion (Luv) with his lady Luvitsa (Lioness) firmly originates from Bulgaria :)