Close up photos taken with a Sony Cybershot and a Panasonic Lumix camera of the animal bugs critters of Bulgaria

Panasonic lumix camera took these close up photos. A Panasonic lumix leica lens which camera I purrsonally choose to photoshoot little animals macro telephoto capable camera the Panasonic lumix has replaced my trusty Sony Cybershot recently broken once fixed I will have two of the best cameras the Sony Cybershot 10 megapixel plus the Panasonic Lumix 18x zoom 12 megapixel cameras! the best of both worlds!

Frogs and bull toads in Bulgarias amphibious creatures

Singing Toad!

The close up wildlife flora n forna photos on this site were taken with a Sony Cybershot 10 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens.

The Sony Cybershot has been my best friend for almost three years. However I take a lot of photos on a daily basis and it has finally packed up on me!

I have chosen to replace the Sony with a Panasonic Lumix with a Leica lens, 18x zoom, which is really a very good telephoto lens bringing my animal subject up close and personal without disturbing it!


Although I have had the Lumix for less than a week now, I have found it very easy to get used to. It is also very light although much bulkier than the Sony Cybershot, the photos evidence is clear here with the latest close up photos I have taken.

I made the right choice with this camera. The macro ability for close up shots gives vibrant colours and with the handshake facility enabled together with burst shots, it almost guarantees you will achieve some really superb photos.

Frogs and bull toads in Bulgarias amphibious creatures

How many I’m holding up?

As I get more used to this new camera, I hope the photo quality will improve even more.

For this page to load, I have optimised each photo and most are in medium quality. The originals are obviously crystal clear images that are far too large to load on one webpage.


Bulgarian praying mantis preying!The Praying mantis can swivel its head around to view its prey or to check you out You can clearly see the mantis’s head rotating to follow the fly’s movements as the mantis gracefully moved in for the kill The Fly gazes down at the Mantis below Alas the graceful mantis was too slow and the prey got away The Mantis flytrap The fly hides leaves the mantis follows its prey The Mantis gazes graceful head movements of the mantis able to rotate head to view prey formidable teeth huge bulging eyes the Bulgaria Mantis shows agile twisting head body the mantis formidable pincers give nasty pinch hold this creature maybe harmless to humans. Bulgarian praying mantis preying camera’s the Sony Cybershot has proven itself over almost three years for the latest Sony I had, and I have followed the Sony Cybershot since its first edition and only even been very happy with the Cybershot’s performance! I now have a Panasonic Lumix with macro, telephoto 18x zoom and already it is proving itself to be a very intelligent camera indeed! Photos of the Bulgaria Praying Mantis close up photos of the Bulgarian praying mantis known as preying mantis this mantis has huge teeth and gripping claws to kill its prey and stalks many close up photos this Praying Mantis of Bulgaria bite back soon posting some new photos of these fantastic creatures of Bulgaria! Wildlife gone wild! I was admiring the Mantis, then I enlarged the photos!

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