Snakes n snake skins slither in Bulgaria One spectacular shedded snake skin found in the hills near a small Bulgarian Village! We had already seen another shedded snake skin very similar in size to this shedded skin, alas when we returned to take photos, it had been removed! This is the second shedded snake skin and as you can see from these photos, the snake that emerged must be a rather good sized one! We have been informed that the snakes of Bulgaria are not venomous to humans, but all snakes must have venom to stun their prey before feasting. Snakes in Bulgaria ~ this snake had been attempting to cross the road! As we were driving along, this snake had tried to cross the road, it was a very warm day in Bulgaria and perhaps the snake was attempting to warm its cold blood as it was hit by a car. I was taking photo’s very cautiously as it was still very much alive and writhing around in pain, twisting and turning itself inside out in it’s last vain attempt to slither away to safety.

Snakes in Bulgaria


These photos contain pictures of a snake that appeared in front of a group of young children, a local man took it upon himself to save the children from a possible snake bite. The photos are gruesome – view them at your own risk and peril! these photos to follow are of a couple of snakes that scared locals with their children. The snakes came out to hunt for food, alas they wandered too close to the people walking with their kids. the other photo is of another unlucky snake who had just been hit by a car. The Bulgarian people are not very frightened of snakes, but they keep the local tall grass cut near their homes as they are not too keen on snakes in their houses. I have had a few snakes slither near my house, some are quite large, but with so many cats now, I havn’t spotted a slithering snake close by for quite some time.

Bulgaria is full of snakes and shedded snake skins, to find a complete shedded snake skin is getting easier by the day as we clamber around the hills in search of the once elusive snake skin! We have been told that the smaller the snake the more dangerous it is! Although I do not believe the snakes in Bulgaria are of real danger to humans, I would not swear to that!

DOES BULGARIA have SNAKES and shedded snake skins?

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