Working donkeys of Bulgaria. How are these donkeys treated in Bulgaria.

Do any of the Bulgarian donkeys require rescue?

The lovely donkeys of Bulgaria, you can spot these donkeys almost everywhere, they are free to roam the streets, fields and villages.

You may even wake up to find one in your front garden in the morning.

Working donkeys in Bulgaria the Bulgarian workhorse!


The donkeys are all very well taken care of, there are large haystacks everywhere just in case the grass in not quite green enough for them!

There are a lot of working donkeys again very well taken care of.

Available in all the weekly markets is a wide variety of tack for the donkeys, tack is available for horses, but you can’t really get a decent or comfy saddle!

Saddle up working donkeys in Bulgaria the Bulgarian workhorse!

Saddle up!

If you are happy with a wooden saddle to ride on, there are plenty

Here are some more photos of the working donkeys

Working donkeys in Bulgaria the Bulgarian workhorse!

Donkey and cart working

The donkey was taking a well earned rest from his days work in the beauty of a Bulgarian forest, while the donkeys had to make do with a bus shelter and the doorway of an old farm building

Donkey shelter in Bulgaria

Donkey shelter

There are many donkey shelters down here, where the donkeys are free to take respite from the hot sun of summer.

Howevers, the local village donkey feels he simply must attempt to get into my own house to get some shelter!

There are giant haystacks erected all around the Bulgarian countryside at the end of the summer, just before winter arrives, providing the cows, donkeys and horses with extra feed in the wintertime when food maybe scarce.

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