Giant Wasps in Bulgari

Black and red flies

Yellow and black huge wasps

One fantastic wasp stayed for a photo shoot!

The wasps in Bulgaria don’t seem as aggressive as the wasps in Greece!

The wasps don’t seem to be in large numbers around your sweet drink and they usually stay at arms length away from you!

giant black and yellow wasps

giant black and yellow wasps

This wasp however stopped to pose for his photo shoot

I’m not sure if he was sticking his tongue out at me

or had a little bit of red prey

oozing out of his awesome mouth!

huge giant waps caught eating its prey

huge giant waps caught eating its prey

although I had to put my flash on to fully capture the beauty of this Bulgarian wasp,

he looks equally lovely as a silhouette!

huge giant black yellow wasps

black yellow wasp

The photo right shows the wasp in his full glory!

Mmm, I think I may leave him alone now,

he’s looking a tad angry at me!

BLACK and RED bug

While I’m waiting the identification of this black and red bug, you can enjoy these photos of him!

black and red bug

Yoohoo anyone down there?

a really cute red and black character

and a mean hairdo 😉

black and red bug

black and red bug with a mean hairdo!

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