BUTTERFLIES of BULGARIA – click to enlarge photos

Butterflies of Bulgaria Close up photos of butterflies. The butterflies on these flowers are just a few of the butterfly varieties in the Balkans. I will add to this butterfly collection as I photoshoot more of them. My photos of the Bulgarian butterflies so far! Identification of these butterflies is currently waiting, they will be identified and identification will be put into the comments below. This is only a small collection so far. Theres plenty more butterflies I havn’t managed to get photos of yet, so watch this site as I bring you the more elusive Bulgaria butterflies! I saw the butterfly photo right on my little plot of land near the river! A most beautiful butterfly! Many species of butterflys in Bulgaria. Currently the butterflys are everywhere. I will be taking more photos of the butterflies as I can add to this small collection of close photos. This butterfly I managed to capture a photo of was with his mate, alas these butterflies are so fast I had to take a lot of photos just to capture one of them! I will be updating this page as I manage to get more butterfly photos! In the meantime, enjoy this orange and black plus the blue butterfly!and probably my most favorite of beautiful butterflies, is this rather moth eaten butterfly! PLUS this beautiful brown and beige butterfly! stunning butterflies!

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