RIVER FAIRIES – click the photo to enlarge the Bulgarian water fairies

Down by the riverside near to Benkovski in southern Bulgaria is a magical river full of fairies a gaggle of multi coloured Dragonflies in mating season with turquoise blue, bright blue, white and beige coloured male and female dragonflies this was an orgy of dragonflies down by the riverside these dragonflies prove difficult to get a steady close up photo as they wizz around in one fast and furious enchanting mating ritual. i hope you enjoy these photos of one sunny day down by the riverside watching the Bulgarian fairies play the location of these playful dragonflies down by the river near to Benkovski Benkovski is situated in southern Rhodopes of Bulgaria where the rivers and streams still flow clean waters  plus for more local Bulgarian updates you can also visit

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Thank you for visiting my photos of an orgy of Dragonflies down by the riverside in southern Rhodopes region of southern Bulgaria 🙂

Plus a metallic green dragonfly!

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