The Strays and Street Dogs of Bulgaria Heinz 57 Breed!Dogs Bulgarian strays street dogs pedigree muts in Bulgaria

Photos of an unlikely lookingcouple of dogs andsome of the Heinz 57breeds street strays in the Bulgarian villages, puppys and hungry dogs! Dogs Doberman pedigree breed puppys strays free dogs pack dogs in Bulgaria stray puppys street dogs This tiny little puppy is about to be devoured by a huge doberman looking stray dog!

Although the cute fluffy mut was busy barking at passing people, the Doberman proved very used friendly, litte did I know when I created this page about the wild pack dogs of Bulgaria that such a problem could arise. The wild dogs I have so far encountered have been peaceful although I have heard stories of locals being attacked by the wild dogs of Bulgaria


She was extremely emaciated yet her pups were quite fat. One of the pups was for sure the runt of the litter, the rest were more like teddy bears, fat healthy and very playful!
This mother had her pups near the edge of a small Bulgarian village. Once the pups were old enough she took them all to the local supermarket where she hoped she may be given enough food to help feed her pups. I took her some little cat biscuits food as the puppies were slowly being weaned off her milk. The mother was far too skinny and hungry to sustain so many pups for much longer. The first time I visited mother and pups, there were 6 puppies, when I went to feed her again, it was down to four puppies, I was a little concerned, until I noticed Bulgarian mothers and their little children coming to see the new born playful pups and going off with their chosen new pet! TRIPOD the 3 legged mother dog and her many pups born in Bulgaria PICTURES of the HUGE BULGARIAN SHEEP DOG the mut who shepherds the kittens!


there are many strays on the streets of Bulgaria, these are just some of the dogs. Most of the dogs we have seen are on the large size, the Bulgarian people don’t mind these dogs and allow them to roam as long as the dogs are behaving themselves. The dogs appear pretty calm, although I have heard rumour of a man being bitten by one dog in the pack of dogs that roam free in a small village. So far the dogs all seem to get on with each other. There is a very strange looking dog in Bulgaria, it looks like a cross between a Corgi, a Dachund and some dog with a very large head! There are loads of dogs with long bodies, short legs and an oversized head! Is this a special Bulgarian breed of wild dog? the emaciated doberman looks like he’s been in the wars yet was extremely friendly to us even taking a close up lick at the camera! we sat in a cafe in Kardjali town and watched a very unlikely couple of friends. The large doberman look alike seemed to have adopted the little fluffy puppy! At first we thought the doberman was it’s mother, until of course we noticed it was a male dog! The doberman wasn’t eating the fluffy puppy, he was grooming him! The puppy, photo above right, was by far the fattest of the pups born, he was the most playful rolling over for us to tickle his tummy and he looked more like a Bulgarian Bear than a little puppy dog! Does Bulgaria have bears? Yes! The Dreadful news of the English lady mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs in Bulgaria breaks all the headlines with a lot of people finding this site as a result. Our thoughts go out to the family of this English lady. Please also bear a thought for the stray wild dogs on the streets of Bulgaria, they are everywhere and reproducing almost daily. The Bulgarian sheep dog who has taken me on, is a female with the boys already coming round to get prime position on her! There are no vets in Bulgaria who can neuter her and the pill is seemingly unavailable for dogs! Perhaps some mobile volunteer/charity vets could spend some time in Bulgaria to help with this alarming wild pack dogs problem? The Bulgarians love their dogs, but what on earth do they do when their dogs mate? A huge Bulgarian sheep dog has adopted me, she’s only 7 months old and the boys are already coming round vying for best position on her! Any ideas? FORUM Any volunteer vets? Please help, people are getting hurt, the dogs are wild are packing and its freezing now with little or no food, they are starving hungry and by the sounds of it, human flesh is on the menu…. Please send help… someone! Although I would have loved to have taken the couple of loving dogs home with me (the Doberman and fluffy puppy) I think I would vote this stray dog (above right) the most handsome stray dog I have yet come across! This young puppy (photos below) came for a little play around the house. At first he was very submissive to us and the other two dogs, but after a little while this puppy soon caught on and played beautifully! It was a shame to see the puppy go, alas we cannot cope with all the strays that stray across our path, more’s the pity. He strayed off after a jolly good feed! KANGAL Lucy the Shepherd Dog of Bulgaria a huge sheep dog and her kittens! The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is extremely large with a voracious appetite to match! The photos here show a female shephard dog who rescued me when she was tied up to protect a local factory owned by Greek men. Although the factory didn’t think much of her powers of protection, she had turned into a very protective mut and these pictures show her at around 6 months old! I’m unsure when this bitch will come on heat but I have already spotted another Bulgarian Sheep Dog identical to her but male who I have my eye on when the time comes to breed her! Although she has already chosen her boyfriend and he is besotted with her! There is another male sheep dog in the village, but he is black and white and has a very mean temperment, Lucy has a very kind temperment and I would like her pups to be the same as her! There are no vets who perform a neutering service in this neck of the woods and very few vets in Bulgaria to neuter dogs at all, thus the recent wild dog packing problems we are hearing about. Most of the street dogs are quiet, human friendly and quite tame as they are allowed to go about their own business. Some dogs are bred to be wild and it’s these dogs that are causing the problem along with the lack of vets to help east the growing problem of puppies.

SIVAS KANGAL Turkish Sheepdog

The Sivas Kangal breed of dog is a known run away dog and usually has to be well fenced in, chained up or with luck used as a real shepherd dog, to use the enormous amount of energy this large dog has! I have noticed with my Kangal, Lucy, the minute she is let off her chain, she will race off in the other direction to go play! However the sheep farmers are concerned because of her size. She adores sheep, but when she plays with them, it does look like she’s attacking them. This is one Bulgarian Sheep Dog who knows how to have a jolly good laugh and has a natural instinct to protect and herd plus a couple of kittens! She has taken the tiny kittens under her fur and gives them a gentle nudge when they arn’t going where she would like them to go! She is only around 6 months old still a puppy herself but already is showing great potential to be a very good sheep dog! The Bulgarian village has a lot of cows who also don’t do as the farmer would like them to, this Bulgarian sheep dog chases around like a nutcase barking mad at them to go home for milking time!

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