RED WARTS n all!

Green spotted toads and frogs

Green spotted

This superb green spotted toad frogs proved to be a very comical character!Green spotted toads and frogs

First he tried scootching down so me may not see him, then he realised he wasn’t doing a very good job at that and tried climbing up the canvas awning!

As you can see from these photos of the green spotted toad, he has very strange back feet and on close up look had some red warts in with the green spots!

A close up of the red warts on this green spotted toad!

Green spotted toads and frogs

Red warts on the green spotted toad

Green spotted frogs, loud bull frogs with red warts warning and toads are everywhere in Bulgaria.

Anywhere there is water you can see and hear frogs, I have heard bull frogs and seen many green spotted toads and frogs with green spots and brown spots.

Green spotted toads and frogs

Green spotted frog legs!

The frog in the top photos measured only approx 1 inch and joined us as we filled up our water buckets from the fresh water spring at a lovely well nearby!

There are a large amount of damm lakes nearby and at certain times of the day, you can hear the bull frog chorus!

Green spotted toads and frogs

Camoflage attempt by the Green spotted toad or bull frog

We went close to one of the many Bulgarian river edges to get a closer look at the river, as we turned to return to the car, the ground below was heaving with thousands of tiny toads or frogs!

This comical creature of Bulgaria tried to climb the canvas, suprised to see this toad in the awning where there was no water apart from in the dogs water bowl that is!

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