Bird spotting rare birds Bulgaria Bulgarian

Bird spotting birds Bulgaria Bulgarian

What birds are in Bulgaria

Birds of prey in Bulgaria

Storks in Bulgaria

Owls In Bulgaria

Bird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds

Spot the Owl

If you wish to have a bird spotting holiday and wish to see vultures red kite kestrel crane storks owls wild birds black storks white storks red green bee eater birds spotting Bulgarian birds

Bird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds

Owl now in the right hand window!

Note how this apparently sleeping Owl switched around within the chimney to ensure his photo was taken!

White and black birds pure white birds Bulgarian storks Bulgarian black n grey birds flock of birds resemble parrots! River birds o Bulgaria with plenty of time to enjoy bird spotting holidays in Bulgarian natural untouched nature at it’s very best!

The birds of Bulgaria and a bit of your Bulgarian holidays bird spotting!

There are many of these Bulgarian Storks nesting high up lamp posts and soaring around in the pure Bulgarian air.

Bird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds

Black Bird White Bird!

Plus black and grey birds, white birds and black birds. I havn’t managed to capture a photo of the zebra bird just yet!

I will keep trying! Or try a bird spotting holiday yourself! Plus 2 Bulgarian Pigeons!

These birds really enjoy Bulgarian nature at it’s best.

Christmas Robin

Christmas Robin

A lovely fat Christmas Robin arrives in the snow in Bulgaria

Owls – in birds of Bulgaria

Bird spotting owls in Bulgaria has proven elusive until now. I was fortunate enough to catch these photos of a Bulgarian Owl out in the daytime!

I thought owls were night time creatures, but from these photos, that’s clearly not the case!

This owl was nesting in the chimney top of a local restaurant!

Bird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds

Bulgarian Pigeons

Let’s hope it dosn’t get cold enough to light the fire below

There are many varieties of birds in Bulgaria, this is just a short quick list of the endangered and numerous birds of Bulgaria
vulturesBird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds
red kite
black storks
white storks
red bee eater

Bird spotting in Bulgaria Owls in Bulgaria night birds

Time out from scavenging

green bee eater
robinsBird spotting in Bulgaria

The birds of Bulgaria

The day I saw these birds down by the river, I spotted a flock of multi-coloured birds resembling small parrots! Alas I was driving at the time, I will try to catch some photos of them, plus what looks like zebra birds! Revisit the birds of Bulgaria as I take more photos of the strange birds around!

Storks nesting in Bulgaria

Bird spotting in Bulgaria

These two scavenger birds were acting as goal keepers today! Hey did he let one in?

With many nesting storks building their nests, you can often see the newborn storks and even spot the baby storks as they try to lift off for the first time.

Storks are very audible and can be quite loud in the mating season as they all vie for pole position!

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