The local village donkey plus a link to a donkey sanctuary on the Greek Island of Crete at the bottom of the page if you wish to help others help donkeys

and I think he wants something!

This donkey is a working donkey

Howevers, he dosn’t have much work to do lately.

So each day he comes around in the hope that putting on his best ‘feed me’ face, that I will comply!

Well, resistance is futile…  this is a really gorgeous donkey and he knows it!

He runs the gauntlet with my four dogs and their futile attempts at driving him off and away from my front door.

But the donkey know, there’s a lump of bread or a very tasty carrot at stake, so he dosn’t give up easily!

Donkey’s owner swears he’s only around 3 or 4 years old too! He is treated very well and allowed to roam free, he dosn’t roam very far, the furthest he travels by himself is along to my farm for his beloved carrot and a head scratch.

Bulgarian village working donkey and his love of carrots

Donkey's teeth

They say you can tell a horse or donkey’s age by the state of their teeth … well, take a close up look!

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