Why are humans so frightened of spiders?

The Myth of fear of spiders below the photos of the spiders


Is there such a thing as a wasp spider? This yellow back spider performed for the camera very nicely, the spider even stopped to wave to the camera and do a backwards flip! Is this really a photo of a four eyed spider? Or just a predator deterrent? This superb spider was performing tricks for us! A nice backward flip plus hanging upside side down! Photos of a four eyed spider and a few other awesome spiders that have posed for a photo shoot! SPIDERS DANGEROUS LETHAL BITES Does Bulgaria have dangerous spiders that bite? Well the rumours originate from cave man times, so it’s deep routed in our genes to be frightened of a spider! Howevers, the huge majority of spiders wont hurt you, spiders are much more interested in killing a fly, wrapping it in its majestic spiders web for a future meal There are many myths of spiders The spider myth I love, is that you shouldn’t kill a spider. It was the quick work of a spider that alledgedly spun its web so fast across the cave where Jesus was placed. Because of this spiders web, which appeared to have taken a long time to spin, the soldiers didn’t check inside the cave. So with the protection of the clever spiders web and the fact that they adore all the house bugs we so don’t like, give the spider some credit. It is a very clever creature And if you are still frightened of that approaching spider, imagine it has hob nail boots on and a really cute smile, works for me! SPIDERS a WASP SPIDER LETHAL BITES FROM SPIDERS DANGEROUS SPIDERS IN BULGARIA WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU GET BITTEN BY A SPIDER IN BG? DO THESE SPIDERS BITE!

Yellow stripe black spider

This is a black spider with a yellow stripe on its back The yellow back spider is a member of the Steatoda family of spiders the Steatoda Paykulliana What can you do if you get bitten by a spider in Bulgaria Bulgaria is full of upside down hanging spiders, plus these yellow back spiders, this spider resembles a wasp I have been bitten numerous times by the spiders in Bulgaria. The bite these spiders give is usually similar to a bad mosquito bite. My bites became quite itchy, inflamed and annoying, however I have lived to take the photos! I think the worse bites are from the spiders that hang around by the wood that has been cut, the spiders also hang about in long grass. My house is full of upside down hanging spiders that seem quite harmless as I have yet to receive a bite from them! Most spiders love my bathroom and some seem to be eating my cut woods! So we have some identification on my black spider with the yellow stripe back as being of the Steatoda family of spider and purrrhaps it is the Steatoda Paykulliana plus the NEW YELLOW and BLACK SPIDER OF BULGARIA

PLUS SEE THE NEW BLACK and YELLOW SPIDER as gratefully donated by Kris

Thanks Kris for this 🙂

yellow and black spider of Bulgaria BG

Yellow and black spider of Bulgaria BG

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