Bulgarian Foals | Bulgarian Mare | Bulgarian Stud |Bulgarian Wild horses free to roam wherever the grass is greener 🙂

FOALS with their MOTHER Here’s a very happy and warm welcome to Bulgaria’s latest baby! This beautiful foal is just 3 days old and her proud mother and Bulgarian owner couldn’t have been happier to let the two get aquainted with the open land to wander off into the fields full of goodness. PLUS NEW FOAL PHOTOS WITH MOTHER AND FATHER! THE STUD or STALLION I caught the newborn foal together with her mother high up and still running wild – now 6 days old and looking very good! Another foal has been born here he’s photographed with both his proud mother and father as we approached he was sleeping soundly, the second he caught sight of the camera he lifted his head to pose for us! Bulgaria is full of working and wild horses and ponies. They are very well taken care of especially as there is competition for work and the best horse wins! Photos of the foal with its father the Bulgarian Stud at large! Riding around in my jeep I have spotted many wild and free Bulgarian Horses. The Wild and Tame Horses of Bulgaria There are many horses in Bulgaria, their temperment is extraordinarily docile. We had a wild pack of horses near our land, mingling with the tame working horses of the local Bulgarians without any problems!  The working horses are kitted out with beautiful headresses, bridles and sadles and are in superb condition, are treated very well and allowed time to enjoy Bulgarian nature at it’s best. We have seen many wild packs of horses that are free to roam the Bulgarian countryside and villages, the horses look tame enough to ride and usually avoid getting hit by passing cars, although we have seen one horse that looked like it had a run in with a car, it was still roaming with the rest of the wild pack. Near the main market at the town roundabout many men sell their services for carting goods backwards and forwards their services are for sale at a very affordable price! Eco friendly transport by horse and cart! BULGARIAN HORSES WORKING HORSES WILD HORSES Driving along you can catch photos of these Bulgarian Horses working at almost every turn of the road. The horses are treated as a valued member of the Bulgarian Family and the Bulgarians working the horses always have time for a wave, after all, they arn’t in a rush to get anywhere! I even spotted a grey with its dark coloured foal, plus a couple of horses hiding in the wilderness where they were resting in the heat of the day! The Bulgarian working horses are regularly rested and watered! The Wild Horses of Bulgaria Here are photos of our local wild pack of horses. They are extremely peaceful and often lead the ‘owned’ horse astray! The horse in the photo below right has once again broken free and was running with the wild pack! Two of the wild horses took  one look at me and whinnied to the others to move along! As you can see from these photos, even the wild Bulgarian horses are in superb condition! This wild pack of Bulgarian horses often stray off to find greener pastures, yet always seem to return to lead astray some of the local working horses! They peacefully graze, often calling out to each other and are always given right of way while they are walking along the main roads of Bulgaria! Bulgaria is full of working and wild horses and ponies. They are very well taken care of especially as there is competition for work and the best horse wins the job. The Bulgarian horses are currently in foal. Now we have photos of two of the newborn Bulgarian foals! Although I have yet to come across a formal equestrian centre, I have seen many of these beautiful Bulgarian horses being riden by the locals and the gypsys of Bulgaria. The horses here are not mistreated neither are they confined to the local riding school, I’m not sure about horses that are for sale or if you can take and tame one of the wild ones, but I will ask next time I encounter a Bulgarian who can speak enough English or when my Bulgarian greatly improves!

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