The FREE WILD HORSES of Bulgaria

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The White horse featured here is getting on in years and since my arrival in Bulgaria, I have seen her, unshackled and roaming free between the many fields and on down to the river, she often joins her friends in the roaming pack, but the grey horse usually stands peacefully grazing on her own,now, I know that many people will huff at me for daring to call a ‘grey’ horse white, but she is white, typically peaceful Bulgarian temperament This local herd of horses are free to roam wherever the grass is greener … and here in southern Bulgaria, the grass is very green! This pack of ‘wild’ horses roam close to the local river and although I use the word ‘wild’ these horses are naturally peaceful and almost tame Some of the horses that join them are working horses that are allowed, in their free time, to join their friends in a little jaunt across river. This is a working Bulgarian horse joining the pack to show off his new shoes! The can be nothing quite as lovely as seeing a horse free to roll in the mud to coat itself! One foal takes its time to look around at all her new friends. So many times I pass a young three day old foal out in the fields with its mother. Usually there are many aunties around too, the entire herd will completely surround a foal, if they feel the foal is in any danger. Luckily my camera zooms in from afar, because I do not doubt that these horses would have no hesitation to kick me out of the way of their foals. Plus of course the wild pack that often arrive on the farm to see if any carrots are available!

Bulgarian horses running wild with the brat pack

Bulgarian horses arriving at my farm

Notice the foal gazing at me, he didn’t wish to leave, so the rest of the pack had to gently shove him away from the gate before they wer all heading off into the sunset again 🙂

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