SHEEP and GOATS – click the goat to enlarge the photo

With many flocks of sheep and goats roaming the Bulgarian countryside, of Southern Bulgaria these animals really get the opportunity to graze wherever the grass is greener! Southern Bulgaria is full of dams and flowing rivers and it is a frequent siteto see the shephard wating patiently around the waters while the sheep and goats cool themselves off and have a drink The huge herds of goats and sheep are also quite handy when you need your lawn tended to! I have a rather large garden, the sheep arrive shlepping along their friends, the goats, what the sheep don’t eat, the goats do! By my farm is a dam lake and every evening I can enjoy watching the local shephard, together with his grandson, walking the sheep along the edges of the dam before heading off homeThe shephards are still passing down the age old tradition of shepharding to their family, although with modern technology now making such an impact in Bulgaria, this maybe the last decade to witness such beauty The grandfather is getting on now and well into his 80’s It is now down to whether or not the grandson chooses to continue this centuries old family tradition of shepharding, or to pursue a career in a concrete jungle In Bulgaria it is very important to achieve a Diploma of the highest standard in order to get jobs, this takes years of training and being far away from the family and lifestyle they have enjoyed all these years.Whatever happened to the passing down of ‘trades’, if it was better rewarded, who would ever need another lifestyle in a completely alien environment The life these shephards lead consists of a very long working day, always being on the lookout and guarding their sheep, although, as you can see from the photo above, these babies really don’t need protecting as they ward off one of my cats! there are foxes locally who can take baby sheep also the local polecat is known as having a liking for sheep and chickens, but the job of shepharding the sheep and goats in such an environment when the concrete jungle is all of a rush, must be very rewarding and one worthy of keeping going. As all the goats and sheep head off after doing a pretty decent job of mowing my lawn 🙂

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